Germany-based retail analytics company Crosscan asked SevenDesign to completely reposition their brand and product. Crosscan’s product line-up featured a series of data gathering tools deployed in stores worldwide to deliver enterprise-level retail analytics. We were challenged to find a way to simplify their product’s complex systems in order to communicate their value more powerfully.

Insight. Connection. Transformation.

We split Crosscan’s products by the type of data gathered; nation-wide, store level, customer level and customer interaction. These four product components were used to create a communications platform that provided guidance as to how to clearly convey the products’ services and benefits. The platform was also used to completely overhaul their website.

The short-form of the communications platform, ‘Insight. Connection. Transformation.’ was used to build a brand that got to the core of its business: leveraging data to connect with customers, thereby transforming the retail experience. It is smart, compelling and speaks to retail directors from brands worldwide.

With a product as complicated as Crosscan’s, it was necessary to build an interactive website that users could easily navigate and comprehend. Straight-forward language and an intuitive user experience were the foundation of its new brand, product and marketing initiatives.