Inside SevenDesign

We believe our success is derived from our people. Everyone brings something unique to the table and this diversity in talent makes us who we are. We work hard to maintain an environment that is creative, balanced, and fun. The work we produce is a testament to our talented team, we are all united in our pursuit for greatness.

Our approach

Lead with why

A clear ‘why’ drives purposeful design and leads to meaningful user experiences.

Less, but better

Dieter Rams said it first, and we can’t say it any better. Remove distractions to communicate the important.


Designing with user empathy creates stronger brand and product experiences.

Lee Hutchinson

Executive Creative Director

Dominic Ensor

Managing Director

Tyler Holland

Strategic Director

Megan Daniher

Design Director

Stephanie Anacker

Content Director

Eric Schmidt

Technology Director

Linda Willkomm

Senior Developer

Ryan Bahm

Senior UX Designer

Anne Braggins

Senior Designer

Michael Emerick

Motion Designer

Jonathan Baird


Breanna Beckmeyer


Kathryn Schneider

Content Strategist

Katey Laubscher

Content Strategist